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Dietrich Conical Blade Rotary Injector
For Vertical Application
  • Spacing from 30" to 18"

  • Fits 6" x 4" & 6" x 6" Tool Bar

  • Conical blade enters the soil in the direction of travel ahead of the spindle and moves soil laterally behind the spindle to widen the opening.

  • Heavier down pressure spring

  • Coulter swivels reducing side loading

  • All service/adjustments accomplished with 1/2" impact wrench

  • 6" Blade rock clearance to prevent breakage

  • Cup washers protect all seals

  • Dual roller bearing for longer life, not single row ball bearings

  • All hi tensile steel thoughout for weight reduction.

  • Weight-forward design to avoid weight transfer from drawbar

  • 2 coat black enamel baked paint

Patent Pending

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1) What Should I Know About the Dietrich Conical Blade Injector
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