DSI, Inc is a family owned business with a strong heritage of innovation and quality in the agriculture industry.  William J. Dietrich (Bill) is a farm boy from Illinois.  He was a pork producer from 1954 to 1961.  He began designing equipment when he bought his first welder in 1958. 
He founded DMI, Inc, manufacturer of chisel plows, field cultivators, and the largest producer
of anhydrous ammonia applicators.  Bill and his sons ran DMI, Inc until it was sold to CASE
Corporation in 1998.  Three generations now work side by side at DSI, Inc in Goodfield, IL. 
The Dietrich family’s continuing commitment to innovation and quality is demonstrated in their products designed for durability, performance, and convenience.  

While visiting this site we hope you learn more about soil fertility, the benefits of injection, and the importance of proper placement. All of our products are designed to place the nutrients where they are the most beneficial and to keep them there.

Sincerely, Bill