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Dietrich Complete Sweep/Rotary Injection System
  • Easy change over in the field between Sweep & Rotary Injection

  • 13 Wave Swivel Conical Bladeto widen slot for nutrient placement

  • Unique Swivel-mounted Conical Coulter Blade enters the soil parallel to the direction of travel and exits moving soil laterally resulting in maximum depth penetration for maximum gallons per acre. Does not create excesive side load on mounting or tank.
  • Individual depth adjustment

  • Option to run Coulters deeper behind tank tires in muddy conditions

  • Designed for speeds up to 8 MPH
  • Available 8" Low Rate, 8" High Rate, or 12" Hi Rate Chisel Point Sweeps depending on your desired gallons per acre

  • Wing drop or 3", 3-1/2", or 4" OD Tube available on all Chisel Point sweeps

  • 4" Rotary Injection Discharge Tube & Bracket for use with 2-1/2" & 3" hoses.

US Patent #9226437



The Complete Dietrich Conical Blade Rotary/Sweep
Injection System Followed by th Dietrich Slurry Clozr
This complete injection system includes the Dietrich Series 70 Assembly with 800# Down Pressure Coulter Assembly, Coulter Mount, 13 Wave Swivel Conical Blade, 4" Rotary Injection Discharge Tube & Bracket, your choice of Chisel Point Sweep & Discharge Tube, and the Dietrich Clozr with choice of Notched Blades.

The vertical tillage industry does no yet know what the maximum gallons per acre will be in wet soil conditions. Wet soil tends to have a plastic characteristic. This condition creates minimal cavity size plus wet soil does not soak up excess liquid.

To get a better perspective of the liquid volume, imagine a circle of liquid 3.8" in diameter will be created in the direction of travel at a 10,000 GPA rate. At 5,000 GPA the circle of liquid is 2.7" in diameter. Now it is possible to inject up to 15,000 gallons or more per acre in any soil condition using Rotary Injection for lower gallons per acre and easily convert to Sweep Injection for wet or compacted soil conditions that limit gallons per acre.