Why Dietrich?
The Short Version
Soil Fertility, Financial Gain? or Loss?

For complete information on Soil Fertility Stratification, financial advantages of injection, and Dietrich products. See our Sales Sheets & Education Pages.

Bill Dietrich created his injector from a clean sheet of paper.
Each component is specifically designed to do its job.

His criteria for a new injector:

  • Consistently place nutrients in the GREEN ZONE

  • Manure should not end up at the bottom of the slope, even in less than perfect soil conditions

  • Operate at speeds up to 8 MPH
  • Minimize soil disturbance even at higher speeds

  • Inject from minimal GPA to 20,000 gallons plus

  • Durability
The Bonus Features
  • Easy snap pin depth adjustment on coulters
  • Consistent coulter depth with 800# down pressure coulter assembly
  • Longer wear & better cutting action with larger coulter blades and special edge detail
  • Requires only end of season greasing on shank pivot

Since Hog Manure is worth approximately $48 & Dairy Manure $31 per 1,000 gallons at current pricing, it is a valuable resource that should be used in the most efficient way possible.

All agronomists agree nutrients should be placed in the GREEN ZONE
5"–6" deep for maximum yield.

Surface soil dries. Plants don't get nutrients in dry soil. Weeds germinate easier in fertile surface soil.

Injecting deeper than the GREEN ZONE creates less nutrient availability and increases fuel consumption.

Design Features
(Series 70 Sweeps)
  • Series 70 Chisel Point Sweeps are designed to penetrate frozen soil.

  • 1/2" thick Chisel Point Sweep Shank combined with 62 degree swept back wings results in minimum soil disturbance and allows shallow placement of nutrients.

  • The sweeps are designed with thin Vertical Portion Hi Carbon steel to minimize soil disturbance at high speeds.

  • To prevent breakage, the sweeps are attached to a 1-1/4" x 2" edge bent alloy steel shank to allow side movements when striking rocks.

  • Standard 3", Optional 3-1/2" & 4" OD tubes with clip, and Wing Drop Tube available on all sweep sizes.
MSD Auto Reset Slurry Injector
The Results
  • Auto Reset = Gets in the ground, clears any rocks, gets right back in position

  • Strong Edge Bent Shank = Keeps the sweep in the Green Zone where it belongs

  • Chisel Point Sweep = Smooth penetration even in frozen or compacted soil

  • 62° Swept Back Wings on Chisel Point Sweep = Easier pulling & minimal soil disturbance

  • Narrow Vertical Portion of the Sweep = Widens slot to appropriate size for your desired GPA. Manure stays where you put it

  • High Carbon, Hi Chrome, Cast Steel, & Abrasion Resistant Hard Surfaced Materials = A long lasting injector
The Bottom Line
All of these very specific design features combine to create an injector that consistently places the valuable nutrients in the best agronomic location with the least amount of soil disturbance for the longest period of time. Dollar for dollar, gallon for gallon, acre for acre, year after year, the most economical injector to operate.